Diane McCool

Diane McCool is a professional trainer, rider, and the owner of Cadence Stables, LLC.  Diane began her adult life as a public school teacher but left the profession after seven years to pursue a more passionate career in horses. She trained and sold ponies, then quickly moved on to manage a large equestrian facility with over 90 horses.  Her time there provided much insight and knowledge to care for both pleasure horses and championship competitors alike.  As an avid competitor herself, Diane has enjoyed great success in the Jumper ring, as well as Eventing and Foxhunting.

   Diane's teaching and coaching style is characterized by patience, compassion, and positivity.  Her focus is the basics of equitation to form an effective rider; she wants her students to have fun and make progress.   

She and her staff are dedicated to individualized care for both horse and rider, welcoming beginners and experienced riders to come pursue the equestrian sport in a supportive and friendly community.